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Here at DWE Poker, we specialize in making all Poker events memorable and enjoyable. With over 20 years of experience, we are masters at making Poker the life of the party in Southern California.

Our dealers are trained at casino grade level, ensuring that your event is as authentic as any Vegas casino. Meanwhile, we only employ dealers with the best personalities – they are guaranteed to be fun and entertaining, while always maintaining their air of professionalism. Additionally, all our equipment is indistinguishable from Vegas style equipment, truly transforming whatever venue your event is at.

DWE Poker specializes in all things Poker, unlike other card dealing companies. Our focus on the art of Poker allows us to perfect even the smallest details. Call us when you’re ready to up the ante on your poker party.

Why Choose Us For Your Next Poker Tournament?

We are unlike most other Poker companies in the industry. Along with supplying top of the line casino equipment, we also provide each client with a portal that allows players to view their overall results and standing. Meanwhile, with our highly experienced team, you will never have to worry about hands being called incorrectly, or side-pots separated inaccurately. Everything is handled with extreme professional detail. At DWE Poker, our success comes from your success.

Monthly Poker Games

There’s nothing more entertaining than hosting monthly poker games with friends. Whether you plan on starting the tradition of holding monthly games, or have been hosting poker parties for years, you have every reason to raise your events to the next level by letting DWE Poker handle it all for you.

While a deck of cards and a handful of chips can get the job done, you cannot mimic a true poker environment without the proper equipment. Meanwhile, you can settle all disputes by having a true professional dealer run the entire game. Our dealers are prepared to not only deal the game of Poker, but they are knowledgeable in helping your guests learn and optimize their chances of winning. With the stress off of you to be a perfect host, you can turn on your poker face and focus on beating your competition.

At the end of the event, not only will you have bragging rights for winning the night’s game, but everyone will be thoroughly impressed on how you hosted the most authentic poker night they’ve ever been to. Don’t be an ametuer, host and play like a pro with DWE Poker.

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