Private Poker Parties

Poker parties among friends has been one of America’s favorite pastimes for numerous years, and it has only become more popular. The number of private poker house events has soared in recent years, with demand for higher quality events rising with it. Whether they are simple monthly poker games, private poker tournaments, or pure poker house parties, guests often expect all the equipment and dealers to be of the highest quality.

The stress of supplying everything for such an occasion has never been higher. However, DWE Poker has everything you need to make your event a huge success. If you are considering hosting an event, you certainly should. Not only do they bring friends and families closer together, but they also allow you to compete with each other in a poker style tournament, all within the comfort of your own home.

There is no need to drive to Vegas to play poker among friends, only to be forced to wait on a seat to open or a tournament to begin. Meanwhile, the cost of gas and a hotel alone has put you into a hole. Rather than jump through all those hoops, let us bring the feeling of Vegas to you.

DWE Poker has everything you need to host an amazing event. We don’t bluff, and when you win, we win. It’s time to be on the side with the dealers instead of playing against them. So when you’re ready to host your own private poker party, give us a call at (855) 777-6537. We have everything you need to have most professional style poker event you’ve ever seen.